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Called to the ministry from the tender age of seven, Bishop Timothy Griffin is no novice to pulpit and public ministry. He was educated at the Major Solomon Bennett Biblical Institute and Toccoa Falls College. Bishop Griffin's practice to preserve theological integrity and his undying passion as a student of the Word has made him a highly sought-after kerygmatis throughout the country and internationally as he travels the world preaching the Gospel! 


He and the local assembly he leads are covered by the Sounds of Praise Pentecostal Fellowship Ministries, under the leadership of His Holiness, The Most Reverend Apostle Allen H. (The honorable Lady Judge Jan) Simmons. He has served as an examiner on the Board of Examination for Elders, Presiding Elder of the 8th Ecclesiastical Province, a board member for the Department of Education and Christian Youth Connection, a National Evangelist and the former national assistant director of Evangelism.


He serves as an Advisory Board member of several Non-Profit Organizations. He is known throughout the Body of Christ for his kinsmenship to the sons of Issachar because he knows and understands the times. He has a keen and precise prophetic eye and sharp discernment.


October 25, 2013, Elder Griffin was appointed Bishop and received his official charge for candidacy into the Bishopric during the Sounds of Praise Pentecostal Fellowship World-Wide International Triennial Conference in May of 2015. Bishop Griffin is the youngest Bishop ever consecrated to the Bishopric in The Sounds of a Praise Pentecostal Fellowship Ministries. He is truly Humbled by this elevation. 


Bishop Griffin serves as the Senior Pastor to St. Paul SOP, in Newark, New Jersey. Bishop Griffin serves as the Bishop of The Metropolitan Diocese and the supervising Bishop for the national Youth Department. Additionally, Bishop Griffin serves as the assistant to the Department of Foreign Missions and is the national director of the Nehemiah Group, the Conference Planning committee for the Sounds of Praise.


He is a devoted disciple, a Sapiential Shepherd, a Proficient Prophet, a Tenacious Teacher, a Passionate Psalmist, a Friend, Son, Brother and Lover of his family! He is married to his best friend of 15 plus years; the love of his life, the Lovely Leading Lady Venus Griffin. He is a humble servant who endeavors to see the kingdom of God Established as he seeks to repair the breach and restore the paths.

 Meet The Pastor

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