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Our Ministries

Department of Worship & Sacred Arts

Director: Elder Kenneth Reese

  • Music Ministry

  • Dance Ministry

  • Thespian

Department Of Pastoral Affairs  

Director: Elder Leslie Headley

•   Administrative Office

•   First Family Care

•   Adjutants/ security

Department Of Christian Education

Director: Elder Joycie Garrett


•   Sunday School

•   Bible Study

•   VBS

•   Trainings

•   Small Groups

•   Scholarship

Department Of Clergy & Laity Leaders

Director: Elder Rozena perry


•   Elders

•   Ministers

•   Deacons

•   Mothers

•   Lay leaders

•   Altar workers

Department Of Helps

Director: Elder Barbra Carter


•   Hospitality

•   Ushers/Nurses/ Greeters

•   Floral Committee

•   Parking lot attendants

Department Of General Ministries

Director: Dr. Annie Patterson 


•   Men

•   Women

•   Youth

•   Marriage

•   Singles

•   Widows

•   Health, wellness, & fitness

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Director: Pastor Linda Montgomery

•   Prayer

•   Prayer & Intercessory services

Department Of Outreach & Evangelism

Director: Elder Jackie Mitchell


•   Mephibosheth's Table/ Outreach

•   Melting Pot

•   Foreign Missions

•   Prison

•   Nursing Home​

•   Witnessing/ street ministry

•   Christ-is Fund (Formerly helping hands)

Be sure to sign up to volunteer for ministries on our Covenant Partner Page. 

(Click Partners Icon to the right to be directed to the page.)

Please see your Transformation Manual for the Covenant Partner password.

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