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Elder Kenneth Reese
Associate Pastor

Dr. Annie Patterson
Executive Pastor

Deacon C. R. Langston

Chairman/ Trustee Chair

Deacon Fred Gibson

Finance Chairman

Our Leadership Staff

Deacon Charles Hayes

Chairman of Auxiliaries & Ministries

Dr. Joycie Garrett

Director of Christian Education

Elder Rosenna Perry

Director of Ministerial Affairs 

Elder Barbara Carter

Director of Helps Ministries

Elder Denise Jones

 Director of Children, Youth, and College student Ministries

Pastor Linda Montgomery

Director of Prayer and Intercession

Elder Mary Seagal

Director of Foreign Missions

Deaconess Kimberly C. Bryant

Administrative Assistant to the Bishop

Event Planner/Media Ministry

Elder Jacqueline Mitchell

 Director Outreach Ministry

Elder Quincy Ruffin

Director of Protocol & Adjutant General 

Lady Venus Griffin

Executive Administrator

Assistant Director Of Women’s Ministry

Elder Leslie Clark Headley

Director of First Family Affairs 

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